Episode 22 – Batman, Brimley, and Books

Giga Punch Podcast Logo 1400 x 1400.jpegIn this episode, Johnny Vinyl joins Dave and Scott for a discussion about some very important issues. After discussing Ben Affleck’s casting of the next Batman, the fellas ponder what makes something cool. Is it money? Is it fame? You’ll have to listen to find out. Finally, they delve deeper into the philosophical when they discuss the death of the written word. Basically, Dave’s pissed everyone’s using Kindles. It’s an extremely entertaining episode that we’re very proud of, so stop reading and start listening!


The Giga Punch Guidelines to Being Cool

  1. Young
  2. $
  3. Sex Appeal
  4. Irony / Humor
  5. Quality of Work
    * Respect

And, as promised, here is the poll!

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